Ageas UK provides resilience training for brokers

The theme of this year’s British Insurance Broker’s Association (BIBA) conference, the UK’s most significant annual event for brokers and insurers, was ‘strengthening resilience’. Never has there been a more poignant time to be talking about the concept, and brokers have shown extreme resilience in the face of adversity over the past year through both innovation and finding ways to continue to grow their businesses.

Ageas UK provides resilience training for brokers

It was familiar territory for Ageas UK. Resilience training for their own people is already a staple part of the internal wellbeing programme. With this experience behind them, Ageas UK extended this support to brokers attending the BIBA event, adding to the tools available to them to further progress their businesses. We offered insight into how emotional intelligence can be managed, but also how it can make you more productive and successful, both at work and at home.

Did you know….

...that our cognitive function is impaired by up to 30% when emotionally low? That has an instant knock-on effect on our ability to deliver which in turn can exacerbate the emotional wellbeing even further. 

We collaborated with a professional wellbeing expert to create a series of videos with practical tips related to emotional resilience exclusively aimed at the broker community.


With around 26% of brokers that attended the BIBA Conference viewing the videos, this initiative was one reason Ageas UK was named Personal Lines Insurer of the Year at the Insurance Times Award. With judges commenting on “Lots of very good initiatives covering a wide range of business priorities. A business on the up, which is getting it right in terms of pleasing everyone from its brokers to staff, customers to business partners.”

About emotional resilience:

We define emotional resilience as the ability to adapt to stressful situations and to cope with life’s ups and downs. The way people react to stress, change or challenge is immensely powerful, especially at a time of crisis. A resilient attitude helps to increase mental strength allowing each of us to learn from mistakes.