AgeSA in Turkey shows there is no age for what we can do in life!

Let’s look at the facts. The elderly population in Turkey is on the rise, with the number of elderly people increasing 21.9% over the past 5 years, and the trend continuing.

Step up AgeSA who identified the opportunity to embrace the topic of aging, which aligns well with the company’s core business. 

AgeSA in Turkey shows there is no age for what we can do in life!

At All Ages

Under the theme of “At All Ages”, Life and private pension provider AgeSA launched a range of different initiatives aimed at creating a more positive and optimistic view of aging. AgeSA is the first and only company in Turkey to change the narrative around aging and ageism this way. Put simply, “At All Ages” starts from the premiss that there should be no age limit on what people can do in life. The focus is not only on supporting those who might be vulnerable, particularly during the pandemic, but also on empowering the elderly to reach their full potential. 

Complementing other public sector initiatives which to date have been limited to initiatives around health, care and nursing homes, AgeSA wanted to put aging firmly on the social agenda. As a starting point, AgeSA carried out extensive research, reaching out to the elderly, the young, and experts to gauge perceptions and the needs of the elderly. The overwhelming conclusion was that Turkey is not ready to age, and moreover, that the topic was somewhat negatively perceived. 

AgeSA launched a strong communications campaign across social media and key news channels reaching some 22 million people and helping to raise awareness. And to help reinforce their message, AgeSA also published a book “Live your life to the fullest”: a guide to the art of ageing, which lifted the lid on the secrets of a long and healthy life. Income from the book is being donated directly to the “Turkish Geriatrics Association” to support their ageing projects. 

Cover of the book "Live your life to the fullest"
Cover of the book "Live your life to the fullest"

In 2021, the All Ages fund supported the following projects:

  • Certification programme about Alzheimer
  • Dementia simulation
  • Research and public platform about violence against elderly
  • E-learning programme about Age Friendly Living Space
  • “Leave a mark” autobiographies of elderly

In 2021 AgeSA also extended a helping hand to the elderly by implementing the Pandemic Aid Project delivering healthy food, health and hygiene parcels to those in need and facilitating contact between vulnerable citizens and specialists to help reduce anxiety and loneliness at this difficult time.