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Closing of Connect21 marks start of Impact24

2021 marked the final year of our three-year strategic cycle Connect21, which provided us with the perfect base from which to grow. Like all great stories, the sequel is already in place through Impact24.  

Closing of Connect21 marks start of Impact24

From Connect21 to Impact24

 As we recently reflected on the past three years with our people and our partners, we feel very proud to have delivered on the ambitions set forward in Connect21. In the video below, our Chairman Bart De Smet and CEO Hans De Cuyper share in some of those successes, the challenges that transpired, and our evolution to Impact24.

Hans De Cuyper

Connect21 was one of Ageas’s most challenging strategic cycles ever. Regardless of the pressure on business, the uncertain times in people’s lives and society in rapid transformation, we managed to not only deliver on our targets but also on the promises we made to all our stakeholders. We showed ourselves as a true supporter of the lives of our stakeholders. We provided best in class assistance and protection for our customers, created a Great place to Grow for our employees, fostered long term relationships with our partners, created value for our investors and contributed to a more sustainable society.”

Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas
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Targets set… results delivered

When we set out on the Connect21 journey we talked about connecting through our results.  We talked about staying true to the fundamentals of our business model and building on our proven strengths. At the same time, we acknowledged the challenges and opportunities for the coming years. Connect21 was also the basis for renewing our financial targets. Each one of those targets has been reached.

All connect21-targets reached.
All connect21-targets reached.