Our roadmap towards sustainable impact

With Impact24, we place sustainability at the heart of our strategy. It is a key driver in our long-term growth ambitions.

Our roadmap towards sustainable impact

“We want to make a positive and lasting impact on all stakeholders - employees, customers, partners, investors, and society.” Those were the first words put on paper in 2021 when we began mapping out our Impact24 plan. 

Through Connect21 and our commitment to 10 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) relevant to our activities, we have quietly already achieved a lot. Look for instance at some of the sustainable initiatives in 2021.

Moving forward we intend to concentrate on those areas where we feel we can best leverage our expertise and make the greatest difference. We chose four key areas of impact and set out a clear set of ambitions and key performance indicators which also hold us accountable.


We will increase our offer of transparent products and services that create economic and societal value, stimulating our customers in their own journey and transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive world. 

Our people

In creating a Great place to Grow for our people, 

  • We ensure fair and equal treatment of all employees in our HR processes (Fair Equality Index). 
  • We will further increase the diversity of our senior management (Diversity monitoring, Glass Ceiling Index and Gender Diversity Index). 
  • We will foster a culture of continuous learning facilitated by a high standards development offer.


We will strengthen our long-term, responsible approach to the way we invest, contributing to solutions around sustainable cities, local economies, and climate change.


Across the Group, we will reduce our environmental impact, aiming to be ‘GHG-neutral’ in our own operations. 

As the key to delivering on those ambitions are our People, we shared our plans firstly with colleagues across the Group, and they resonated well with the local business plans!

Placing Sustainability at the heart of our business