Research funding supports the fight against Covid-19

Two years on from the outbreak of Coronavirus, science has made extraordinary strides in identifying ways to help fight the pandemic. Back in 2020, scientists around the world started a race against time to develop the best vaccines, drugs, and protocols to treat and cure Covid-19, and it was a time for collaboration and cooperation.


In 2020, Ageas and AG stepped up to support, amongst others, the work of KU Leuven’s (KUL) internationally renowned Rega Institute in Belgium donating EUR 750,000 towards their research project. We feel very proud of what has been achieved since then. KUL has been able to make important strides in the development of virus inhibitors and vaccines, amassing at the same time in-depth knowledge of factors underlying the development of Covid-19. Professor Neyts, who leads this research shares his view on the achievements.

The fight is not over. But every day the world learns something new about the pandemic. Thanks to this kind of work, we move into 2022 with a greater sense of optimism about the future.