Talking to our local CEO’s

Our local and regional CEO’s turn the spotlight on their performance in 2021, sharing their take on the challenges and opportunities they experienced across Belgium, Continental Europe, the UK and Asia. 

Heidi Delobelle, CEO Belgium

For me, 2022 will be a success if we succeed in completing the digital replatforming process smoothly and on time. It will make such a big difference to what we can do in the future. And while the battle against Covid is not yet over, success will be determined by small and big initiatives that allow us to keep a close connection with our stakeholders even from a distance.

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Ant Middle, CEO UK

For me, 2022 will be a success when we remain market winners through the fundamental shift in the UK market pricing regulation. But at the same time, remaining diligently focused on delivering our priorities of growth in personal lines, and delivering for our customers and our people on the things that matter most to them.

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Steven Braekeveldt, CEO Portugal

In 2022 we plan to get off to a strong start in delivering on our Impact24 objectives while staying true to our commitment to humanise our interaction with stakeholders. That’s how we will judge success this year. We look forward to bringing our strong expertise in Health to the table at the level of the Group. Along the way, sustainability will be our guiding north star in developing a beautiful business.

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Gary Crist, CEO Asia

Success in 2022 is all about finding ways to continuously improve the customer journey. This translates to scaling up our agency channel while increasing distribution efficiency in more mature markets. Our people matter. Success for us is also about creating a safe, secure and flexible work environment and creating opportunities for career development. And as we look to deliver against our strategic initiatives, our partners will remain key, with closer collaboration than ever.

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Antonio Cano, Managing Director Europe

We want the businesses in Europe to profit even more from each other by further exploring shared themes and platforms where everyone is connected.

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Filip Coremans, Managing Director Asia

We include our partners as sources of competence that we also reciprocally leverage between them. We teach and learn from one another at the same time, which creates sustainable value add.

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